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Chinese and foreign auto parts global cooperation accelerating

Chinese automobile enterprises with foreign auto parts giant added a. L2 Sept. 2 in the afternoon, the world's sixth largest auto parts suppliers France Faurecia Group and the Geely Group, Zhejiang Limin company signed in Hangzhou the global strategic cooperation agreement, the three parties will jointly set up a joint venture company, and in Zhejiang, Shandong Ji'nan, Gansu Lanzhou Cixi, Hunan Xiangtan, Sichuan Chengdu Five Geely Automobile Industry Park set factory.

Analytic personage points out, in the international and domestic automotive market-changing background, has a strong market and the technology that has strong demand in China, the market for technology achievement is not significant, increase and international parts company cooperation to promote the technical strength, will become a trend gradually.

Geely Holding France Faurecia

According to introducing, France Faurecia Group, Geely Group, Zhejiang Limin three party cooperation has already obtained the national approval certificate for enterprises with foreign investment, three investment in the plant will be in the next one or two years to build up gradually.

The cooperation with France Faurecia Group 's extraordinary strength, is the world 500 strong enterprises, the world's sixth largest auto parts suppliers, mainly dedicated to the car seat, car interiors ( dashboard, door etc), automotive exterior parts ( such as bumper ) and automotive exhaust system four categories of product development and production, in which exterior product line, first in Europe, interior products Europe first, seat third in the world, emission control system product lists the world the first. Zhejiang Limin company Geely is the core suppliers, over the years has been for Geely to provide related services. Three party cooperation in the establishment of the joint venture company and factory for Geely Group under the brand automobile's main instrument panel, instrument panel, door panel, side column, bumpers and other products with the design, development and manufacture of one-stop supporting services.

Analytic personage points out, through the three party to the joint venture of this platform, France Faurecia mature parts can realize fast and Geely products matching and docking, thereby making Geely models in design, workmanship, interior comfort can be improved. According to the three global strategic cooperation agreement arrangement, Faurecia Group in the global more than 200 factories, especially in emerging countries and areas of the factory, can provide the Geely Group, the implementation of the strategy of globalization support. It can thus be predicted, Geely will greatly accelerate the globalization strategy.

Geely chairman said: " the three party cooperation, consistent with the Geely in parts of globalization development strategy, after the signing of the agreement as soon as possible will be factory built, as soon as the product, as soon as possible so that the protocol into reality. Geely to overseas is a matter of sooner or later, us three party to overseas is also a matter of sooner or later, we hope that joint efforts, turn our dreams into reality. "

More and more international cooperation

Analytic personage points out, Chinese and foreign auto companies and the operation will on China's automobile industry parts matching pattern and Reform in the mode of play a demonstration effect, so as to promote China's auto parts industry in technology, quality, scale of significant progress.

In the Chinese and foreign parts company, Shanghai automobile cooperation with A123 attract sb.'s attention. Mutual investment in April 29th this year to set up the new Czech Shanghai power battery limited company, mainly the development of vehicle power battery system. The company's general manager Li Yuan said: " the company through the A123 company, acquired advanced core technology, for the subsequent development of operation to provide a good technical support. "

In May 5th this year, the Fukuda automobile in order to further expand the engine business, decide with world famous engine company Cummins USA Cummins China investment, together with cash to Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Company Limited to increase, the automobile capital 340000000 yuan.

The same hand engine international giant big key auto parts and Weifu gaoke. In November 16th, the company launched an additional orientation program, and in engine is an important cooperation of BOSCH company has become the placement, after the issuance of BOSCH company shareholding from 3.24% to 14%, just below the first major shareholders 6 percentage points, thus the product cooperation to rise to the capital level.

In this regard, China Merchants Securities Industry Analyst Wang Liusheng points out, at present, the international automobile market in China market is growing fast and atrophy, and the space is very large, in the domestic demand of technology under the background of increasing, Chinese enterprises and international parts company cooperation will be more and more.

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