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New energy level of core technology components to improve

Since the financial crisis, whether domestic or foreign, in the automotive industry, the promotion of new energy vehicles sound constantly with our ears, this phenomenon can be seen in various auto show. Car enterprises to promote their new energy automobile not only grew strong, and some models are close to mass production. However, in the research and development of new energy vehicle was " like a swarm of bees " situation, some experts expressed concern, in the new energy automotive core components technical aspects, our country auto industry needs to be improved, this may be a bottleneck in the development of new energy vehicle.

New energy electric vehicles the main component is a battery, motor and energy conversion control system, power battery quick charging and to achieve high performance, security, technical threshold, is also the highest profit is the most centralized part. Therefore, professional personage thinks, the development of new energy vehicles the main bottlenecks in the power battery, the development of hybrid electric vehicle market, still need time to grow.

The expert points out, the battery on the car of new energy resources is very important, so the development of new energy vehicles will not be achieved without battery technology. In the battery requirements, must have a high specific energy, high power density, rapid charging and discharging performance, but also cost as low as possible, the service life as long as possible. In this respect, compared to for decades of development history of international car of new energy resources, China in the new energy automotive battery development is backward.

Some people think that, in new energy vehicle, we and abroad are in the same starting line, actually otherwise. Foreign countries in new energy automobile development has a long history and has the distinct advantage. Reportedly, the lithium battery suppliers in the market has great advantages, and also has begun to develop a unified battery specifications, safety standards and charging mode; the United States of America on the new energy automotive R & D for decades, the United States to not rely on foreign lithium battery, they increase the lithium battery manufacturing enterprise support, has pledged $25000000000 to promote the domestic lithium battery manufacturing industry development; European automobile enterprises in green energy saving and environmental protection and hydrogen powered vehicles with regard to the development of more obvious advantages.

In such a situation, Chinese auto industry in the development of new energy vehicle promotion can not cautious. The expert thinks, the development of new energy vehicles must not be satisfied by the purchase of foreign advanced components to assemble, but to study and master the core technology components to improve. The development of new energy vehicles should have a process, the greater problem is the cost and the core technology, high cost and the lack of core technology has affected the development of new energy vehicles, is suspends in front of us have to face the problem.

Of course, at present our country also has some enterprises in key parts of the research and development has made great achievements, but even these enterprises also admitted, they are present in many parts of new energy advantage have not been established, there is still a long way to go.

It is understood, BYD, on steam car enterprises in the development of new energy vehicles has made certain achievements, and has its own development direction, they in the battery management, battery industry chain and power transmission drive development progress has been made, and looks forward to form their own vehicle integration, including the new energy vehicles, electric air conditioner electric power steering and ABS new technology improvement. Experts think, these layout or will solve the new energy automotive components such as battery management system, motor, motor drive control difficulty.

Although the development bottleneck of China, but in the future new energy auto parts market prospect capacious. International management consulting company Roland Begg recently released on the global new energy automobile prospects of research reports, the first mention of the global hybrid electric vehicles and parts of the development prospect. Mentioned in the report, in 2020 China electric drive assembly parts market total value to will exceed 10000000000 euros.

Roland - Berg concerned expert expresses, Chinese enterprises in the future development of new energy vehicles with advantages, especially in the field of the core components including batteries have greater development potential. Expert analysis thinks, this is because the Chinese enterprise has the advantage of cost of raw materials, manufacturing equipment and labor cost advantage, and this will provide Chinese electric vehicles in the area span type development provides the foundation. According to Roland Begg's prediction, to 2020 Western Europe will become the main market, electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles annual sales will exceed 3000000, China will reach 1580000 units, ranking second.

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